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7.000 miles with a Hans Christian 43

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Trip details
01-08-2006 - Punat Krk
14-07-2006 - Skradin
26-06-2006 - Dubrovnik (Croatie)
23-06-2006 - Brindisi (Italie)
28-05-2006 - Levkas (Griekenland)
20-05-2006 - Corfu (Griekenland)
14-05-2006 - Paxoi (Griekenland)
11-05-2006 - Calabrie (Zuid Italie)
02-05-2006 - Sicilie (Italie)
15-11-2005 - Sardinie (Italie)
28-09-2005 - Palma de Mallorca (Spanje)
25-09-2005 - Formatera (Spanje - Balearen)
06-09-2005 - Cartagena (Spanje)
22-08-2005 - Gibraltar (Engeland)
18-08-2005 - Cadiz (Spanje)
07-08-2005 - vertrek Lagos (Portugal)
04-06-2005 - Horta (Portugal)
17-05-2005 - New York
28-08-2004 - Albany (US New York)
01-08-2004 - Duluth (US Minnesota)

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Need Documents ...
Bill of Sale, Memorandum of Agreement, Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance etc..., call Peter, phone 0043 4247 30116 (Austria) or send an e-mail to:

Laptop clamp for sale...
This ideal product is designed by the owner of the Kikila. By selling this tool during the trip they were able to make some extra money. Would you like to sell laptop clamps during your trip, please contact info@deltanet.nlLaptop clamp Slide&Fix designed and produced by DeltaNet bv

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