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kikila_sf402Laptop clamps available  from Euro 199.- Excl. VAT and shipping.

> Nautical computer products

Laptop on board
We used two computers on board. A small 12V DC computer and a laptop computer. The 12V DC computer was connected to a 15 inch flat screen and used for the children. The laptop was used for communication with the SSB radio for e-mail and weather reports (grib). The laptop was mounted seaworthy on a special bracket called the Slide&Fix Regatta.Slide&Fix Baseline

We designed the Slide&Fix laptop clamp in the Netherlands in the year 2000 just for one reason, to make sure the laptop will not fall of the charting table during transit. We already soled 5000 units for boats and cars in Europe. We even got a
patent in the year 2002 for our idea.

Are you interested in the unique Slide&Fix laptop clamp, send us an
e-mail and we ship a clamp to you, where ever you are. Prices start at Euro 199,- Excl. shipping.

How does it work
Just make a small hole in your charting table. Fix the Slide&Fix on the table. Slide your laptop on top of the Slide&Fix. Cover the edges of your computer with the two pads. You are ready to go. Click
here to download installation sheet.

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Connecting the laptop on board
Connecting a laptop on board can be rather difficult. For our vessel we designed a practical piece of equipment, by which notebooks and laptops can easily be connected to your vessel. Without making a mess of your charting table.


  • Easy to install. (max. 2 hours)
  • Totally wired. (Option)
  • Switches with ledīs.
  • A practical safe solution.
  • Protects your expensive hardware.
  • Heavy duty outlets 12/24/110/ 220V.
  • Connect all your navigational
  • instruments to the panel like the auto
  • pilot, wind and depth sounders.
  • Equiped with serial connector for all
  • NMEA input like a GPS and Radar.
  • USB connection for up to 8 Serial
  • connectors and USB hardware.
  • Audio connector for receiving weather
  • fax and Navtex messages.
  • Prices start at Euro 175,- Excl. shipping.
  • Nav&power

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